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Top 5 League Goals So Far This Season IMO

For those of you not down with the kids and therefore unfamiliar with shortened 'text speak', which is essentially now just acronyms, 'IMO' means 'in my opinion'. Like 'LOL' means 'laugh out loud' or 'BRB' means 'be right back', or 'WTF' get the picture.

Basically, these are the best goals we've scored in the league so far this season in my opinion. As there is little or no video footage of any of these goals, they have been accurately recreated with the magic of Microsoft Paint. If you can think of other goals which didn't make it into my top 5, you can of course voice your displeasure at their exclusion in the comments section below. Please note that all complaints will be ignored. Also, anyone who criticises my artwork will be shot down in a tirade of abusive language. :-)

So here we go:

Number Five

Mike Gosney v Oxford City (Home, Tues 16 Aug 2011)

With Totton already 4-0 up, this game was pretty much a foregone conclusion. A brilliant flowing passing move 10 minutes into the second half ended with Gosney receiving the ball on the edge of the area, taking it past one defender and firing a fierce shot past City goalkeeper Jason Mooney that went in off the underside of the crossbar. I do love a goal that rattles the woodwork on it's way in, like Tony Yeboah for Leeds against Wimbledon in 1995. Smashing.

Number Four

Michael Charles v St Albans City (Away, Tuesday 13 Sept 2011)

Totton had fallen behind early in this one but stormed back to take a 3-1 half time lead. But St Albans quickly got themselves back in it with a goal seconds after the break to make it 3-2. But as quickly as they reduced the deficit, Totton increased it again. From Matt Oldring's cross, Michael Charles controlled the ball with his chest and, with his back to goal, hit a lovely volley (lovely is an anagram of volley! I just noticed that) over his shoulder and inside the post for 4-2.

Number Three

Ryan Hill v Barwell (Home, Sat 3 Sept 2011)

After Barwell had wasted more time than Abu Hamza takes when tying his shoes, the referee played 9 minutes of added time. And in the seventh of those, Totton grabbed the winning goal and all 3 points when Ryan Hill's 30-yard free kick found the bottom corner. Cracking timing, and a goal right out of the top drawer.

Number Two

Nathaniel Sherborne v Barwell (Home, Sat 3 Sept 2011)

The penultimate goal comes from the same game as number three. Sherby's quality finish from outside the box gave Totton a 10th minute lead against Barwell. After receiving the ball out on the right wing, he cut inside, dodged his marker and sent a superb curling strike into the far top corner with Barwell  keeper Liam Castle well beaten. Despite how he is depicted below, Liam Castle's left arm is not twice as long as his right arm in real life as far as I'm aware.

Number One

Matt Oldring v St Albans City (Away, Tues 13 Sept 2011)

So here it is, number one. The best goal Totton have scored so far this season (in my opinion). Totton had already equalised after falling behind to Tobi Jinadu's 3rd minute goal for St Albans when Matt Oldring produced a quality finish to give The Stags the lead. From Mike Gosney's long throw in, Nathan Campbell rose above his marker to head the ball on to Oldring in the box who took a touch to flick the ball up in front of him, then swivelled and hit a sweet volley on his right foot into the far top corner over the head of the defender on the line. You'll notice one of the players is wearing a top hat. I got bored. Don't begrudge me a bit of artistic license.

So there we are. As I said previously, if you believe any other goals were overlooked then do feel free to tell me by commenting below. Not that it will change anything. I've already made my decisions. Hard cheese.

I will compile another selection of top notch goals at the start of December, after our next 9 league games. At the end of the season I might do a round up of the best goals scored in cup competitions across the whole season. Maybe. If you behave yourselves. We'll see.

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